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Swede-O Inner Lok Lace Up Support Review

swede o inner locSwede-O, Inc. has continued to be recognized as a worldwide leader in provision of innovative products that are designed to rehabilitate or prevent ankle related injuries for more than 30 years.

They have recently expanded their product offerings so as to include the patented line of orthopedic supports that are designed to prevent, rehabilitate and treat almost any body part.

Swede-O braces have been prescribed by the Medical Professionals for more than 30 years all across the world.

Several independent clinical researches have shown the effectiveness of these products in preventing injuries.

The sizing of this ankle support depends on shoe size.swedeo sizing

In addition, they are better than or equal to professionally applied tapes for ankle support.

Swede-O continues to remain the first choice brace for ankle protection by the Orthopedic Surgeons, Certified Athletic Trainers, Family Practice Physicians and other healthcare professionals all over the world.

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High quality material

The Swede O ankle brace is made from breathable materials that can keeps yourelastic back brace foot dry and cool during use.

It has also been made to sustain heavy usage.
In addition, it is latex free thus preventing you from skin allergic reactions that could possibly happen once they are in use for long hours.


The Great Design

The Swede-O support can be applied easily and it doesn’t hinder normal movements.

It has a better grip and an adjustable lace up design.swede o design

Its stabilizer has padded lining on either sides of the ankle to aid in guarding against any attempts of rollovers and sprains while playing your favorite sport.

Furthermore, its body design is lightweight and durable.

It also fits easily in the shoes without creating any additional weight and bulk.



  • 3 times less likely to incur any ankle injuryswede-o-inner-lok-8
  • One-layer nylon fabric for minimal weight and full support
  • The design simulates the athletic tape with the figure-6 strapping pattern
  • It has reinforced closures and a padded lining
  • ventilated tongue
  • Elastic top strap for extra support and custom fit
  • It is fully adjustable without removing the shoe or unlacing
  • Built-in anatomical arch that adds comfort and supports
  • It fits both the left or right ankle

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With a an average of 4.3 stars out of 5 rating from the reviews, this certainly seems to be capable of providing almost everything you need whenever it comes to the high quality support ankle braces.swedo rating

The gorgeous design has always been a major additional point for some of the reviews.

However, the level of performance offered by this brace shouldn’t be forgotten.

A minority of the users have found this brace a little uncomfortable by claiming that it usually cuts into the skin and it is also too stiff for usage.

This might just be one shortcoming, but this is a very great product.inner lok figure 8

Apart from the great design, which several users have praised, there are some
people who have talked about how the brace offers an excellent support level while still allowing users to maintain large amount of flexibility.

Nevertheless, this is a highly recommended ankle brace thanks to its wide range of features.

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In conclusion, this is one of ankle braces in the world today.

It is a flexible, lightweight, breathable ankle brace with several positive reviews.Inner lok 8 white

The main reason for this is the fact that unlike other braces, the product can always be used on both the right foot and the left. It is also a laced-up design.

This simply means is that the Swede-o  is capable of offering much more support as compared to other braces.

This not only boosts comfort but also ensures that you see the reduced chances of suffering from injuries whenever you have Swede O ankle brace.

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