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The Neo G Reflex AFO/Drop Foot Comfortable and Effective

neo g afo ankle braceDo you suffer from ankle arthritis? Does it give you a difficult time whenever you try to walk?

Well, you are not alone since the condition affects millions of people across the world.

But what is available to make you walk better and in ultimate comfort?

I have compiled this article in an effort to provide the best answer to that question.

There are hundreds of options when it comes to walking aids and everyone has got their own preference.

Those who have enough cash to spend will definitely opt for surgery.neo g brace

But what about those that earn a few dollars a day?

I think the best option would be the Neo G Afo ankle brace. This is a device that appeals most to me.

You may be asking yourself why I prefer this simple foot support over other alternatives.

Well, from the comparison I made, this brace has proven to be more affordable and quite user-friendly.

I was very impressed with it and I have decided to share with you the features that make this walking aid a better choice for those suffering from ankle pains.

Read more and decide whether the product is a perfect match for you.

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Lightweight and rigid construction

Everyone desires a foot support that doesn’t add a lot of bulk when walking.foot and ankle support orthotics

This brace is specially built for that.

It comes in a lightweight construction weighing under a pound which makes it much easier to lift your foot.

It eliminates strain and provides hassle-free movement.

The ribbed design works well in providing added strength. The brace is 3/16 inches thick to provide maximum stability and protection.


Flexible and comfortable wear

This brace provides a solid yet flexible support.

It is made of polypropylene material that gives it that soft and elastic feel.

The back support extends up the calf to eliminate undue pressure and allow for unrestricted movement.neo g support

It completely resolves the pain during wear and allow normal functioning.

The brace is designed to provide a snug fit for all.

It is available in 4 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Therefore you are guaranteed to get a size that fits you best.

It is a unisex product designed for both men and women.


Features and Specifications

* Lightweight construction provides great mediolateral stability and minimizes ankle foot orthosisstrain
* Made of polypropylene that provides maximum strength and rigidity
* Compatible with right or left foot
* Calf-length back support minimizes pressure on the posterior leg muscles
* Closure strap provides a customized and secure fit
* Brace is 3/16 inches thick and is available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large size
* The brace weighs under a pound to provide a lightweight support

torn tendons

Customer Reviews and Scores

It would be a good idea to share with you what other customers are saying about the Neo G Afo ankle brace.neo 2

There are several websites where customers have presented mixed reactions concerning this product.

However, Amazon has proven to be the most reliable site that provides up-to-date information.

At the time of writing this article, the brace has a total of 10 customer reviews. Out of all the reviews it had an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Every product has its drawback and this ankle support is no exception.neo g rating

There’s 1 complaints posted who have bought and used the product.

One customer pointed out that the brace didn’t offer them support and was to flimsy.

However, this seems to be a one off.

Overall, customers are satisfied with the product owing to its sturdy construction and the maximum support it provides.

They like its price tag saying that it is affordable to the average consumer.

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In summary, the Afo ankle support from Neo G provides a better alternative to foot surgery and other expensive walking aids.Afo Ankle braces

It is sturdy, well built and provides maximum support for those recuperating from ankle and foot injuries.

The brace allows the patient to move around with ease and offers great pain relief.

It is a device that will get you back on your feet and allow you to return to your normal activities.

However, it is recommended that you first get a true diagnosis in order to determine if the brace will offer the best solution for your aching ankle.

neo g reflex

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Swede-O Inner Lok Lace Up Support Review

swede o inner locSwede-O, Inc. has continued to be recognized as a worldwide leader in provision of innovative products that are designed to rehabilitate or prevent ankle related injuries for more than 30 years.

They have recently expanded their product offerings so as to include the patented line of orthopedic supports that are designed to prevent, rehabilitate and treat almost any body part.

Swede-O braces have been prescribed by the Medical Professionals for more than 30 years all across the world.

Several independent clinical researches have shown the effectiveness of these products in preventing injuries.

The sizing of this ankle support depends on shoe size.swedeo sizing

In addition, they are better than or equal to professionally applied tapes for ankle support.

Swede-O continues to remain the first choice brace for ankle protection by the Orthopedic Surgeons, Certified Athletic Trainers, Family Practice Physicians and other healthcare professionals all over the world.

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High quality material

The Swede O ankle brace is made from breathable materials that can keeps yourelastic back brace foot dry and cool during use.

It has also been made to sustain heavy usage.
In addition, it is latex free thus preventing you from skin allergic reactions that could possibly happen once they are in use for long hours.


The Great Design

The Swede-O support can be applied easily and it doesn’t hinder normal movements.

It has a better grip and an adjustable lace up design.swede o design

Its stabilizer has padded lining on either sides of the ankle to aid in guarding against any attempts of rollovers and sprains while playing your favorite sport.

Furthermore, its body design is lightweight and durable.

It also fits easily in the shoes without creating any additional weight and bulk.



  • 3 times less likely to incur any ankle injuryswede-o-inner-lok-8
  • One-layer nylon fabric for minimal weight and full support
  • The design simulates the athletic tape with the figure-6 strapping pattern
  • It has reinforced closures and a padded lining
  • ventilated tongue
  • Elastic top strap for extra support and custom fit
  • It is fully adjustable without removing the shoe or unlacing
  • Built-in anatomical arch that adds comfort and supports
  • It fits both the left or right ankle

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With a an average of 4.3 stars out of 5 rating from the reviews, this certainly seems to be capable of providing almost everything you need whenever it comes to the high quality support ankle braces.swedo rating

The gorgeous design has always been a major additional point for some of the reviews.

However, the level of performance offered by this brace shouldn’t be forgotten.

A minority of the users have found this brace a little uncomfortable by claiming that it usually cuts into the skin and it is also too stiff for usage.

This might just be one shortcoming, but this is a very great product.inner lok figure 8

Apart from the great design, which several users have praised, there are some
people who have talked about how the brace offers an excellent support level while still allowing users to maintain large amount of flexibility.

Nevertheless, this is a highly recommended ankle brace thanks to its wide range of features.

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In conclusion, this is one of ankle braces in the world today.

It is a flexible, lightweight, breathable ankle brace with several positive reviews.Inner lok 8 white

The main reason for this is the fact that unlike other braces, the product can always be used on both the right foot and the left. It is also a laced-up design.

This simply means is that the Swede-o  is capable of offering much more support as compared to other braces.

This not only boosts comfort but also ensures that you see the reduced chances of suffering from injuries whenever you have Swede O ankle brace.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Designed for Optimum Support and Comfort

airsport best priceThe ingenious designers of the Air cast ankle brace applied air cell technology to achieve its double advantages of firm support and comfort.

In various respects, the unique enhancements of the brace give it a surpassing convenience for wearers who wish to remain active without incurring painful ankle sprains.

In particular, this ankle brace offers exceptional stability for people who experience ankle rollover.

Footwear experts have acknowledged the protective value of these products for active individuals and individuals who take part in rigorous sporting activities such as rugby, tennis, and basketball.

Remarkably, the Aircast can be worn by both men and women of varying shoe sizes.

Performance in sports is largely dependent on the ability of the individual to remain stable and comfortable for long periods.

air cast ankle brace

The invention of the Aircast Airsport brace marked a breakthrough for people whose general performance was compromised by sprains, swollen, and broken ankles, Tarsal Tunnel syndrome, and other injuries.airsport review

In fact, these support are of great value for athletes and other people who are recovering from injury.

Another outstanding quality is that the Airsport exert minimal bulk around the ankle area, which enhances productivity and ensures greater flexibility for the wearer.

These are crucial factors for an active and tireless sporting life.

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Important Features

1. AIR CELL TECHNOLOGY for Enhanced Stability

Many people prefer these ankle braces because of their great comfort and stability. Air cell technology is the secret behind these qualities.aircast airsport

The technology ensures that the feet is held firmly in shape and its movements are naturally defined to enhance motion.

Therefore, using these braces exposes a person to a lesser risk of injury as compared to competing alternatives within their product range.

The technology depends on a semi-rigid encased shell, which provides the robust firmness without compromising on comfort.

The air cell technology is important for the prevention of, and recovery from ankle injuries.


2. ATF CROSS STRAP for Extra Stability

how to put on an aircast airsportIf you want proof of excellent compression in the Air cast ankle brace, then look no further than the Anterior Talafibular (ATF), which are styled to enhance the quality of fit of the brace.

The strap helps to control the movement of the feet in the right orientation in order to improve motion and protect the ankles.

The ATF cross straps work together with top-quality integral forefoot and shin wraps to enhance the stability and great comfort for which the braces are highly regarded.

These features make these braces ideal for supporting you if you are struggling with ankle sprains of Grade I or Grade II categories.

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Features and Specificationsair cast instructions

> Lightweight for comfort and flexibility
> Integral forefoot and shin wraps for greater compression
> Semi-rigid encased shell for stability
> Universally designed for both men and women
> Covered with strong fabric for extra strength
> Easy to put on, adjust, and take off.
> Available in a variety of sizes

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Customer Reviews and Scoresaircast ratings

At present, the Air cast Ankle Brace is rated at 4.2 stars out of a possible maximum of 5 stars.

So far, the item has attracted 155 reviewers. Out of this number, 58 % of the reviewers endorsed the article with a full 5-star rating while 25 % of the total gave it a 4-star.

Another 7 % of the reviewers rated it at 3 stars. Reviewers who rated the item at 1 star and 2 stars comprised of 10 % of the total.

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Some customers felt that the seams and the straps of the Airsport were a bit scratchy especially when the brace is still new.

The problem may have resulted from the high sensitivity of the user’s skin, but can be managed comfortably by applying some lotion before wearing the brace.

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The Final Verdict

Generally, the Aircast was designed to offer utmost comfort and stability for people who suffer from ankle sprains or those recovering from ankle surgery.Aircast_a60

The exceptional quality of the ankle braces derive from the efficiency of the air cell technology and the ATF cross straps, which enhance the protection, comfort, and motion of the feet, particularly during sports.

The product is lightweight but toughened by a high-quality fabric that ensures its durability.

The brace is ideal for both men and women who suffer from the various types of ankle discomfort.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Active T1 Rigid Brace – Highest Level of Preventative Support

high ankle sprain braceAre you suffering from a high ankle sprain? Is it constantly causing you pain or discomfort but you are not sure how to solve it?

Perhaps you feel like you have tried all of the supportive brace options out there and haven’t found one that works for you?

Well, if this sounds like you, look no further than the Active Ankle T1 Rigid High Ankle Brace.

This brace is the perfect combination of both comfort and support and has been expertly designed to keep your ankles from acting up.

Continue reading for a complete review of this fantastic ankle support brace.

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Special Feature #1 – Expert Design:

This ankle brace is a professionally made and manufactured healthcare device and the company behind the product is determined to keep you in the best health so you can continue to take part in activities you love!T1 support

That’s where the quality and thought out design for this ankle support brace comes in.

Featuring a solid U-shape set up, this brace works with the natural movements of your ankle joint to provide a relief of pressure and superior protection to your foot.


Special Feature #2 – Dual Adjustable Straps:

If you are worried enough about the safety of your ankle to wear a supportive brace, you should not have to deal with the added worry of your brace staying in place and snug to your t1 rigid stabilizer

One of the key features that this brace has, making it unique to others on the market, is the dual adjustable straps.

These specialized straps allow the user to make the brace comfortable and secure without the being concerned that it will fall off.

So whether you are an athlete needing a supportive ankle brace during a game or other event, or you are simply tired of adjusting your ankle brace frequently, this product is a must have.


Features and Specifications:

Unique and solid U-shape design helps to ensure support throughout the day

A two-way hinge device keeps the brace in tune with your body and allows it to move with youactive t1 brace

Specialty neoprene padding included on the brace keeps you comfortable and supported no matter what activity you get up to

Full and thick neoprene padding also works to keep your ankle protected though out your busy day

Some of the most popular, and best, uses for this device are basketball, volleyball and cheerleading

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Customer Reviews and Scores:

This high ankle support brace is a very popular product and has the remarkably high Amazon review rating score of 4.3/5 stars.

4.2 stars rating

This rating is calculated through Amazon by taking into account a variety of aspects of reviews, including: the age of the review, the helpfulness of the review, and whether or not the review has been verified.t1 customer rating

This particular product has 71 customers reviews posted and verified that are used to calculate the overall score of the product.

One common customer comment about this product is that is can be time consuming to properly put on and that it is difficult to set up with only one hand.

This problem can very easily be remedied by a little bit of practice!

You may be slow at first, but once you get some practice under your belt with putting it on and taking it off, you will quickly become just as efficient as you are at putting on your shoes!

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The Active Ankle T1 Rigid High Ankle Brace is a product designed with comfort and efficiency in mind.multi-phase-brace-support-orthosis

With dual adjustable velcro straps help ensure the strap stays in place throughout the day and the two-way hinge device lets you continue to move as naturally as you would if you weren’t wearing a brace!

The affordable price of this quality brace is also a key selling point and purchasing it from Amazon allows you refund options and a product warranty.

The incredible 4.3/5 star Amazon review rating goes to show just how popular and effective this brace is, and it is the perfect option for day-to-day wear or serious athletes.4.2 stars rating

So what are you waiting for?

Put your ankle pain to rest with the expert comfort, support and protection of the Active Ankle T1 Rigid High Ankle Brace.

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Thursday, March 31, 2016


volleyball ankle braceThe TriLok Ankle Support Brace has always been considered as one of the best ankle braces for volleyball.

It is an easy and effective way of relieving pain from PTTD, plantar fasciitis and it also provides protection against the ankle sprains.

The distinctive Footlok strap usually provides ankle and forefoot stability by optimizing controls over plantar flexion/inversion, and eversion motions that are commonly associated with sprains.

The TriLok ankle support is great brace for sports that usually involve cutting or pivoting like basketball, volleyball, tennis, football and soccer.

It is made out of thin and breathable, neoprene-free materials which fits inside the athletic shoes and dress without any difficulty.volleyball support

The TriLok also has a very unique strapping mechanism that has been specially designed to provide enhanced fore-foot controls.

In addition, it helps in preventing dangerous motion which could lead to ankle sprains or the posterior tibialis tendinitis symptoms.

The ankle support brace is easy to apply and also fits inside nearly all athletic shoes.

The TriLok ankle support is used by college and professional athletes in preventing ankle sprains both during practices and also during the regular season.

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Patented footLook strap

The TriLok Ankle Support is an effective ankle brace for controlling eversion and inversion at the ankle.trilok support

The key to TriLok’s exceptional effectiveness is its patented FootLook strap.

The strap acts as an external ligament which controls the motion of your forefoot while allowing a full range of motions in dorsi-flexion and plantar.

The FootLok strap also protects the ankle without restricting the ability to run, jump or walk.

Great design

The Trilok ankle support has been well-designed to offer the maximum support to the ankle with less bulk.

The design enables it to offer a concealed support to the ankle. It can be worn with the normal sports shoes ankle support

It is thin, lightweight and also has a super soft micro-fleece lining.

The thin and breathable soft material has been made from the Bio Skin’s patented Ultima 2s.

Unlike the other braces, the Trilok ankle support lacks laces to ensure a very comfortable fit without having scratchy material or painful laces denting and digging into the skin.

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  • The ankle and foot control system usually acts as the external ligament for controlling foot and ankle motions while in different positions.trilok stabilizer
  • The compressive base sleeve also improves proprioception.
  • Duplicates athletic taping methods for better support.
  • Low profile as it fits inside any kind of shoe.
  • Helps treat posterior tibial tendon dysfunctions and plantar fasciitis.
  • The TriLok’s stirrup strap has been deigned to provide the final locking component and eliminate eversion for a maximum foot stability.bioskin brace
  • The TriLok is recommended for basketball, soccer, volleyball, football.
  • Available in 4 sizes thus you are able to choose the size that best fits you.
  • Universal- fits both right and left sides.
  • Made with the Ultima 2S material.
  • 100 percent latex and neoprene free.


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The TriLok Ankle Support Brace has an average of 4.4 ratings after 148 reviews.

4.4 Star amazon Rating

It is by far the best ankle support brace that can be used to prevent ankle sprains.

Even with an injured ankle, you will be able to play volleyball without worrying about the ankle thanks to these great ankle brace support.

You are able to cut hard and also play aggressive without hurting the ankle.trilock amazon rating

Even if you land on one foot, you will still be confident that it will protect you from injury.

There is a section of customers who have complained about feeling hot and restrictive whenever they wear these ankle support braces.

This is because the plastic used it its design doesn’t allow for great air circulation. This might irritate skin.

Nevertheless, this is a much-more customizable fit that offers extremely good support.

I would highly recommend for anyone who is looking for the best ankle braces for playing volleyball.

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One of the most supportive and unique braces in the market today, the TriLok Brace is known all over the world for its distinctive features in treating and preventing foot and ankle problems.

bioskin trilock

It is the most effective braces for preventing the ankle sprains.

Many athletes usually prefer the TriLok for its patented footLook strap.

It is also used for the foot positioning problems like posterior tibial tendon dysfunctions and plantar fasciitis.

To sum it up, these ankle braces for volleyball is a great choice for any person who would like to prevent any injuries while playing.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

LW Ankle Stabilizer Wrap Brace Review

lw ankle stabilizer wrapThe LW Ankle Stabilizer has proven to be the go-to ankle brace for peroneal tendonitis.

This is an innovate sporting and exercise accessories that helps in preventing injuries.

The support can also fast track the healing of many chronic and acute injuries.

The LW wrap provides a comfortable support for the joints and tendons, without restricting any movement.lw support wrap

The brace has a wide range of features that are effective in preventing injuries like peroneal tendonitis.

The velcro closures and buckles allow a comfortable and custom fit. There are also side stabilizers on both sides which provide nice lateral protection and support.

It protects the ankles and also minimizes injury. In addition, it helps in speeding up recovery from both chronic and acute injury symptoms.

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Unique Design

The LW Stabilizer has a simple and elegant design. It has an open heel thus no lace is needed.recovery wrap

It also features the Velcro closure as well as the side buckle that allows for comfortable fit.

It is quite easy to put on, adjust and also remove. Furthermore, the design provides enough adequate for the ankle joints and tendons.

The materials consist of 10% Polyester, 40% Airprene, 40% Nylon, 10% Sponge and weighs 2.7 oz.


Best Ankle Support at Best Value

The LW brace provides the best support in relieving pains from the ankle injuries without having to sacrifice comfortability.lw support stabilizer

This brace protects the ankle from injuries during exercises, speeds up the recovery from injuries, relieves pains from acute and chronic ankle injuries.

Also helps to ease pain while being mobile.

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  • Supports with the “figure 8″ straps which are made from the ballistic nylon to stabilize while performing cutting or running in sport activities.ankle brace for peroneal tendonitis
  • It has a low profile design that fits inside any type of walking or athletic shoe.
  • Has an elastic cuff closure.
  • Can be bought with removable lateral and medial plastic stays for an increased support.
  • Provides a more customized fit. It can also be easily re-tightened while inside the shoe.
  • It keeps the foot in a neutral position.
  • Machine washable using dry air.
  • Fits both left and right sides.
  • It has been made under maximum quality control standards.

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The LW has received an average rating of 4.2 after 38 reviews.

4.2 stars rating

This is mainly due to the fact that it can used to stabilize the ankle, assist in exercises, and also for overall pain relief whenever you roll your ankle.lw stabilizer customer reviews

The wrap really helps in with easing pain while also being mobile.

According to a section of customers who have already used this brace, the have complained of the metal supporting bars coming too far.

As a result, they end up rubbing quite badly. The bars do not stop where the boot stops. However, this shortcoming can be solved by wrapping a bandage around the bars which in turn cushions the edges.

This makes the brace very effective in pain relief. As a result, I highly recommend the LW Ankle Stabilizer Support Wrap Brace.

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The LW is an easy-to-use support brace with great comfort.peroneal tendonitis brace

It has been designed with protection and convenience in mind.

It also integrates flexible and bilateral stays so as to enhance ankle support.

The convenient Z-grip technology offers an easy grip pull and speed-lace closure when correctly positioning this support wrap brace.

ankle brace for peroneal tendonitis


Receive the maximum stability that your joints deserve with this stabilizer as it is regarded the best ankle for peroneal tendonitis.

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